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22 Jun

I have a tradition every time that I go to New York City. Once I take the train in from New Jersey, I head right to Risotteria for some gluten-free goodness. Located in the heart of the village, this is a special spot us GF folk. As you peruse the menu, you are served unbelievably wonderful GF breadsticks. This particular visit, I started with the caesar salad.

Any place that serves salad with crispy gluten-free croutons is all right by me! We then split two items. The first was the Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto Panini.

This panini was amazing. The bread was perfectly crisp and the ingredients were simple, but flavorful. We also had the Mozzarella Pizzette with garlic.

Their crust is very thin and crispy. One of my favorite things about Risotteria is there is a little flag that perches in your GF food when it is served to you.

As a celiac, there is sometimes that moment when you get served something at a restaurant and you are not sure if it is truly GF or not. Being served your food with this flag takes away the fear that there might have been miscommunication between you, the server or the kitchen. You can stop worrying and start enjoying!

Sicilian Sun

21 Jun

One of my favorite things to do while home is to order in from Sicilian Sun and play cards with my grandparents. I always start with the Tossed Salad which has a light and tasty vinaigrette. They also offer gluten-free pizza. This time, I had a cheese pizza with garlic that had a nice and crisp crust.

Guru Goodness

14 May

This delicious looking pizza was thanks to Pizza Guru on Saturday night. We ordered the Guru Special with no chicken and no hemp seeds. It had pizza sauce, spinach, roasted garlic, onions, mozzarella and fresh cilantro. The medium sized gluten-free pizza is the perfect size for two people to share.

Pizza By The Slice!

9 May

Is that a beautiful sign or what? Behold, the first restaurant in Santa Barbara to offer gluten-free pizza by the slice. Adama, which already had a gluten-free menu, now has gluten-free pizza and a bakery that is almost entirely GF. Last night, we shared an order of the Fritto Misto to start. It was just as good as the last time we had it. We also got a slice of the GF pizza just to try it.

The bread was good, but there was only a tiny bit that served as an outer crust. That edge was nice and crunchy, but this was definitely a fork and knife pizza as it was softer under all of the tasty toppings. I then ordered the special… falafel with their GF ciabatta bread.

I am not sure if I have ever had falafel but it was really good. The outside was nice and crispy. The bread was really good now that I could taste it a bit better. It was served with a GF tabbouleh that was made from millet. Then came the fun part… dessert. All of the desserts in the case were gluten-free other than the oatmeal raisin cookies (the oats they use are not GF-certified). We went with the apple pie served with soy vanilla ice cream and a peanut butter cookie.

They warmed up the pie which was a nice touch. There is just something about warm apple pie that makes everything right in the world. The peanut butter cookie had a good taste but the consistency was a bit off.

It is just really exciting for a local restaurant to continue pushing themselves to give us GF peeps more and more options when dining out!

Gluten-Free Pizza Night

22 Apr

We wanted to have a low key dinner last night so we headed over to Pizza Guru. We ordered two pizzas to share. The first was the White House with no chicken. It came with a garlic white sauce, basil, artichoke hearts, onions and mozzarella topped with cilantro and sun dried tomatoes. We also ordered the Guru Baja.

This pizza had a baja black bean base, shredded pepper jack cheese, red and green peppers, carmelized onions and was topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, crumbled cotija cheese, cilantro-lime sour cream and avocado. I really liked the heat from the pepper jack cheese. As we were leaving, I bought a GF chocolate chip cookie to enjoy when we got home!


4 Apr

I was in New Orleans this past weekend for the Final Four so I was able to see how gluten-free the area was. We had a great meal at a place called Theo’s which is located on the really appealing Magazine Street. They have gluten-free pizza available and take all of the necessary precautions to make sure it stays GF. My brother that has celiac was there as well which meant I had someone to split two pizzas with! I ordered Doc’s Margarita. He ordered the Big Dave’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

They were both good, however I would probably add garlic to mine next time to give it more bite. This was a great find in New Orleans!

Nutbelly for Lunch

17 Feb

We decided to go hit some golf balls in Carpinteria today, so we stopped at Nutbelly Pizzeria for some lunch. We got two pizzas to split. The first was the GF cheese pizza with sausage (which is GF), red onions and peppers. The second one we got was the GF cheese pizza with garlic.

I still really like the crust here. It was a little less done this time, so it gave in the middle, especially for the heavier toppings on the first pizza. However, the taste of the crust was really good. I asked our waitress why they don’t do more to advertise the fact that they have a GF crust. Her answer was that they don’t want people that don’t have to eat GF ordering it all the time so that there is enough for those that have to eat GF. I can understand this as they make their own crust there which is time consuming. Additionally, when I asked about them bringing in gluten-free bread for their sandwiches, she explained that they want to have GF bread and GF pasta available, but that they want to do it right and make sure that taste is not compromised. Good answer.

Nutbelly Pizzeria and Deli

5 Jan

This morning, we started the day right by going on a hike. My favorite hike in Santa Barbara is Inspiration Point because it doesn’t take too long but there is a great payoff at the top of the trail. Pictured above is the view you see at the top. After the hike, we decided to get some lunch. I had read somewhere that Nutbelly Pizzeria and Deli in Carpinteria has gluten-free pizza. So, we headed South on the 101 for a few minutes to reach our destination. It is located on the main street in Carp, called Linden Avenue.

I started with the Mediterranean salad. This was okay. It was a pretty good size. I probably wouldn’t order it again though. You know what I WOULD order again? The ridiculous tasty pizza I got.

I got the cheese pizza with garlic added on. This pizza was fantastic. There were tons of minced pieces of fresh garlic and the crust was such a good consistency. It held up like “normal” pizza crust does. My husband and I both put it in our top 5 best GF pizzas we have ever had. I asked some questions and it turns out that they make their own GF pizza dough. It is a mixture of rice flour and tapioca flour. If you needed another reason to go here, they have Au Bon Climat wines by the glass, my favorite wine from this region!

Christmas Dinner

25 Dec

For our Christmas Dinner, we decided to make some pizzas. My husband had ordered pizza crusts from Mariposa Baking Company when he ordered the Chrismukkah goodies. Above is what one defrosted crust looks like. Below is one finished pizza!

The crust was pretty good. We were nervous about it being a little soft in the middle, but we were able to pick up the slices without it falling apart. Perhaps if we had heavier toppings, it might have drooped a bit. I really liked the crust edges. My favorite crust to make pizzas with is still the Whole Foods Bakehouse Brand Pizza Crust. However, the Whole Foods in Santa Barbara doesn’t carry it.

GF Pizza Night

21 Dec

Tonight we went to Olio Pizzeria because gluten-free pizza sounded fantastic for dinner. Last time we were there, they were able to make any of the pizzas gluten-free (but gluten-free crusts were not mentioned on the menu). This time, however, I found a change to the menu as shown above. It seemed interesting to me, so I asked our waitress about the change but she was under the impression that it had always been like this. Hmm. We ended up starting with the caponatina con burrata which was burrata cheese with sicilian ratatouille.

It was pretty good. The cheese was extra creamy towards the inside of the glob. We then ordered the two gluten-free pizzas, the Parma and the Margherita.

The Parma Pizza was good, but it was pretty hard to eat. I found that the crust was kind of soft towards the middle as well. The Margherita was better than the last time we were here because the cheese was melted thoroughly.

With the news of Ca Dario opening a Pizzeria in the future, I wonder if it will be similar to Olio Pizzeria. Perhaps they will have gluten-free crusts as well now that they carry GF pasta in their restaurant. I do have to say, I missed that truffle pizza that I had last time at Olio Pizzeria…