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29 Aug



On August 14, my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. For lunch we decided to get some food from Boochies and have a little picnic at the Sunken Gardens, the place where we got married. As stated on Boochies’ website, “Every ingredient is 100% organic and totally free of gluten, meat, dairy, soy, and GMO’s.” We started with the veggie pizza which had a cauliflower crust. I hadn’t tried a cauliflower crust before then because it seemed odd, but the taste of the crust was pretty good. Then we had a quinoa veggie burger.

unnamed-1The bun was also made of cauliflower. Since we grabbed this from a prepared case, it was cold. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had been made to order and was still warm. For dessert, we split the Blueberry Creme Cupcakes.

unnamed-2These were pretty great. This is a good option for certified gluten-free food in downtown Santa Barbara. It would have been nice if it wasn’t just take away food and there were some seats available. At least there are endless beautiful spots in Santa Barbara to enjoy this healthy meal.

Special Price for all of you Gluten-Free in SB Fans!

18 Oct

I loved the way that I felt at the end of my 3-Day cleanse with Vibrant Earth Juices. After talking to the owner, Jill Latham, she has decided to extend a special price for you Gluten-Free in SB followers for a limited time! Just mention that you read about it here, and you can get the 3-Day Cleanse for $165 including delivery! Typically, it costs $195, so you are saving $30!  Happy juicing!

Vibrant Earth Juices 3-Day Cleanse: Day 3

17 Oct

It is the end of my last day juice cleansing with Vibrant Earth Juices! I must say, I miss food. I don’t miss it because I am hungry. I miss the act of eating and I miss going out to dinner and mostly, I miss nachos.

This morning, I woke up feeling lighter. I wasn’t trying to lose weight with this cleanse. However, it was hard not to notice that my stomach was flatter. I found that on the last day especially, I was more energetic. I actually thought that I would be able to go a couple more days of juicing if I didn’t miss nachos so much.

I had been a bit worried about the taste of the juices. Ginger and beets and flax meal just don’t sound like an appealing combination. But I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of them all. My favorites were definitely “Energy” and “Immunity”. I am already thinking that I may want to do another one of these after the overindulgence of the holidays!

Vibrant Earth Juices 3-Day Cleanse: Day 2

16 Oct

Day 2 of my Vibrant Earth Juice Cleanse is almost over. I found today pretty uneventful. Not once did my stomach growl from being hungry. I wasn’t as wiped out as yesterday either. I was actually surprised that I was able to get through the day maintaining a steady energy level. I drank “Refresh” at noon which satisfied my craving for something a little sweet. Three hours later I had another helping of “Energy”.

I actually found myself looking forward to this juice. It wasn’t because I was starving but because I had grown to really enjoy the taste of these different ingredients paired together. It also gave me the boost I needed to finish up my work day. I tend to overeat, especially during dinner. I have a hard time not finishing everything on my plate. It was definitely nice though to not be in a total food coma at this point in the day. I am finding that these past two days, I have been more tuned into what my body actually needs rather than what it wants.

Vibrant Earth Juices 3-Day Cleanse: Day 1

15 Oct

Recently I have been feeling very tired. I know that part of the blame is due to what I eat. Nachos are my weakness and all of that cheese makes me quite sluggish. I had watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and was intrigued. So, I figured a 3-day Juice Cleanse would help me get healthy and energized. Luckily, we have a company right here in Santa Barbara that provides freshly pressed, raw and organic juices to your doorstep! I met with the owner of Vibrant Earth Juices who happens to have her Masters of Science in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science and is a Registered Dietitian. She was able to assure me that the juices were all gluten-free and would provide me with the proper nutrients for my anemia.

Today was my first day on the Juice Cleanse. There are 6 juices that I had to drink throughout the day. Overall, I felt good in the morning. I didn’t find that I was that hungry. Midday, I received some unexpected bad news that definitely took a toll on my body. I kept up with the cleanse schedule, but I felt worn out. I am not sure if I felt exhausted due to the emotional day or due to the cleanse. One thing that struck me though was that I wasn’t hungry. The juices left me feeling satisfied.

At 6 AM, I had the first juice which was “Energy”. I was nervous about the taste because of the ingredients listed, but I enjoyed it. Three hours later, I had the second juice which was labeled as “Immunity”.

I loved this one. It was similar to lemonade. I could see myself drinking this on a normal day. One of the things I like about Vibrant Earth Juices is that on the site, it outlines what each ingredient’s purpose was. From the site:

  • Pineapple – Abundant in enzymes that aid digestion, speed up wound healing, and reduce inflammation. Additionally, its packed full of Manganese (benefits good skin), Vitamin C, and Potassium.
  • Pear – Provides soluble fiber to improve elimination and increase the digestive system.
  • Mint – Contains potent anti-fungal properties and soothes the digestive tract.
  • Lemon – Rich in Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, lemon helps clear mucus, fight kidney stones, and prevents against skin cancer.
  • All of the fruit and vegetable blends come with a teaspoon of Flax Oil. The flax oil is a vegan oil, high in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. The inclusion of this fatty acid is very important, as it helps with the digestion, transport, and absorption of the nutrients in the juices. Without it, the body has a very hard time utilizing what the fruits and veggies have to offer! Another amazing benefit of the oil is that it reduces the fruit and vegetables “glycemic load” on the blood stream. In other words, it reduces the impact the juice has on your blood stream, preventing huge spikes in insulin and glucose levels.

It was nice to confirm that each ingredient was contributing towards a healthier me. I am optimistic that Day 2 will pass without the hunger pangs I was expecting.