GF Pizza Night

21 Dec

Tonight we went to Olio Pizzeria because gluten-free pizza sounded fantastic for dinner. Last time we were there, they were able to make any of the pizzas gluten-free (but gluten-free crusts were not mentioned on the menu). This time, however, I found a change to the menu as shown above. It seemed interesting to me, so I asked our waitress about the change but she was under the impression that it had always been like this. Hmm. We ended up starting with the caponatina con burrata which was burrata cheese with sicilian ratatouille.

It was pretty good. The cheese was extra creamy towards the inside of the glob. We then ordered the two gluten-free pizzas, the Parma and the Margherita.

The Parma Pizza was good, but it was pretty hard to eat. I found that the crust was kind of soft towards the middle as well. The Margherita was better than the last time we were here because the cheese was melted thoroughly.

With the news of Ca Dario opening a Pizzeria in the future, I wonder if it will be similar to Olio Pizzeria. Perhaps they will have gluten-free crusts as well now that they carry GF pasta in their restaurant. I do have to say, I missed that truffle pizza that I had last time at Olio Pizzeria…

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