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Nobu at Four Seasons Lanai

4 Oct

Nobu GF MenuThis past summer, we did a family trip to Hawaii. It was amazingly gluten-free friendly. I came home with a slight tan and about seven extra pounds. One of the highlights of the trip was Nobu at the Four Seasons Lanai at Manale Bay. As soon as my brother and I sat down, we were presented a gluten-free menu. There were almost too many dishes to choose from. One of my favorite orders that we had was the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño.

Yellowtail SashimiThere is no way to adequately describe the abundance of flavor in this dish. It was stupid good. If I knew how to prepare this dish, I would eat nothing else. I also loved the Black Cod Saikyo Miso.

Black CodThe fish was nice and flaky and the sauce was perfectly sweet. Sadly, due to the price, this is definitely a special occasion only type of restaurant. However, after enjoying the meal so much, I think half birthdays and half anniversaries now qualify as special occasions. Does anyone know if all of the Nobu locations have this extensive gluten-free menu?


Ahi Sushi

8 Feb

To celebrate my half-birthday (yes, I count that as something worth celebrating), we decided to try Ahi Sushi on upper State Street. I had my San-J travel soy sauce packets on the table when I started to explain to our waitress what I was allergic to, and she said the magic word, “gluten“. She brought me out their gluten-free soy sauce to use. She then was absolutely fantastic in confirming what I could and could not have. I started with the MaMa Mia roll which consists of yellowtail, salmon, cucumber, avocado, jalapeno, jalapeno masago and garlic.

It typically includes two sauces but to be safe, we omitted them. I then had the Sgt. Pepper Roll which has crab meat (not artificial), cucumber, avocado, mango, albacore, jalapeno and masago.

I also had this roll without the sauces. The last roll I had was a basic yellowtail roll. They were small, compact pieces which I love because they are easy to eat. Overall, we had a really great experience at Ahi Sushi, mainly because of our waitress, Masami.

Arigato’s Edamame

14 Jan

If you have to eat gluten-free like myself, you have to avoid ordering anything at a sushi restaurant that has the word soy in it… right? Wrong. Go to Arigato and order the wokked edamame with garlic soy flavor and request it to be prepared with the GF soy sauce that they have. The result is a tasty appetizer that has a good heat to it and has that soy sauce flavor that we so often have to avoid.


30 Sep

Last night we went for an early dinner at Arigato. I went prepared, bringing my San J soy sauce packets. To my surprise, our waitress informed me that they had GF soy sauce available for me to use. She walked me through which rolls I would be able to have. It seemed like all of their sauces were off limits. Additionally, their smoked salmon and crab had gluten. I ended up having the Banzai Roll and the Wipeout Roll with fresh salmon substituted for the smoked salmon. I also had 4 pieces of toro which were particularly tasty. Sushi is sometimes hard for people who eat GF, but our waitress was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about what I could and could not have.