Nutbelly for Lunch

17 Feb

We decided to go hit some golf balls in Carpinteria today, so we stopped at Nutbelly Pizzeria for some lunch. We got two pizzas to split. The first was the GF cheese pizza with sausage (which is GF), red onions and peppers. The second one we got was the GF cheese pizza with garlic.

I still really like the crust here. It was a little less done this time, so it gave in the middle, especially for the heavier toppings on the first pizza. However, the taste of the crust was really good. I asked our waitress why they don’t do more to advertise the fact that they have a GF crust. Her answer was that they don’t want people that don’t have to eat GF ordering it all the time so that there is enough for those that have to eat GF. I can understand this as they make their own crust there which is time consuming. Additionally, when I asked about them bringing in gluten-free bread for their sandwiches, she explained that they want to have GF bread and GF pasta available, but that they want to do it right and make sure that taste is not compromised. Good answer.

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