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Crumbs Gluten-Free Bakery

7 Jan

GF Crumbs SignThe hubs and I made a last trip back home while I was still allowed to fly. While in NYC, we decided to try out the new Crumbs Gluten-Free Bakery. As we were there early in the morning, it didn’t seem right to have a cupcake.

Crumbs GF CupcakesThey did look very enticing though. Instead, we ordered a blueberry muffin and an apple crumb muffin.

GF Blueberry MuffinThe blueberry muffin was a little bit dry. The apple crumb muffin was great though.

Apple Crumb GF MuffinOne thing that I would suggest is to put in a couple of tables and chairs to enjoy the items there. It was snowing outside so we wanted to just sit somewhere to eat the muffins. When I asked the girl behind the counter, she said that they didn’t have any seating so that people would not be inclined to bring in outside food that may not be GF.

First meal after being Glutened

24 Sep

I got gluten-ed pretty badly a couple of nights ago. Because of my reaction, I was a bit hesitant to eat anything from anywhere outside of my kitchen, even if I had never had problems at that establishment before. So, I decided to make blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning. This was quite a task as I never bake, and most certainly have never made muffins before. I got the Namaste Food muffin mix and got to work. The only thing I did to add to the recipe was mix in some blueberries. The final product was ok. I realized that there was no sugar added to the mix, and thus they were a bit bland. If I were to get the baking itch again, I might mix in something that would sweeten them a bit.

As a reminder, we will be holding our inaugural Gluten-Free Santa Barbara meeting next week. It will be held at Cottage Hospital on Wednesday, October 3rd at 5:30 PM. You can find us on facebook for updates on this and future meet-ups. Please RSVP on the event site so that we can make sure there are enough GF goodies to go around!

Recipes Bakery

11 Mar

Yesterday, I met up with a friend to explore the wonderful Saturday Farmer’s Market in Santa Barbara (where I got the most amazing cranberry and walnut goat cheese). As we were getting ready to leave, we saw the cutesy Recipes Bakery building across the street and decided to go in to see what they were all about. As we were both excitedly noticing the “GF” label on the menu, one of the staff members mentioned that they can make all of the items shown above gluten-free except for the banana bread. Even the pancakes? Yes indeed. So I ordered the GF pancakes and my friend ordered the egg scramble with a GF muffin substituted for the toast. Here comes the weird part. As we were waiting for our food we scouted the area to find where we would be eating our breakfast. It turns out they aren’t really set up as a restaurant. Therefore, there really isn’t a seating area set up. This is also why were served our dishes in to-go containers. We both felt this was odd since they had breakfast menu items on the menu, and not just baked goods. We got over that pretty quick once we started eating.

These had lots of chunks of fresh pineapple dispersed within the pancakes. I found them to be really flavorful. The vanilla infused cream complimented them perfectly.

I had a bite of my friend’s GF muffin and it was good, but I was still happy with my choice of the pancakes. If you are looking for breakfast to go, this is your spot!


Scarlett Begonia

6 Nov

I love when I don’t have work on Sunday mornings because there is something about going out for breakfast on a Sunday that is just so enjoyable. Today, we tried Scarlett Begonia. As soon as we sat down, I saw that there was a gluten-free polenta and pear muffin on the menu. This was served warm and had a really good taste to it. While we started to devour that, we were served an amuse bouche. It didn’t appear GF so I stayed clear.  I then had the soft scrambled eggs with spinach and aged gouda.

As I mixed the dish around, the aged gouda melted perfectly. This was a hearty dish as there were plenty of potatoes on the bottom. Finally, at the end of the meal, there was a little surprise that came with our check. It was homemade toffee. When I was trying to check what the ingredients were in it, the woman who I asked made it seem very difficult to get an answer. This brings me to my next point. I thought the food was really good but there was something about the service that rubbed me the wrong way. I was eavesdropping at the conversation between the waitress and the table next to us. The diners were explaining how they had seen the iPad ordering system at another local eatery. The waitress then had some attitude saying that they were the first ones to do it. Additionally, the way certain things were presented to us felt like they wanted a pat on the back. It wasn’t enough to prevent us from coming back, but it just felt like they thought very highly of themselves and wanted others to know that.

That toffee by the way? Pretty fantastic.

Muffins on the Mesa

28 Oct


I wasn’t feeling too well when I woke up this morning and realized we didn’t have any cold medicine so I made my way to the CVS on the Mesa. As long as I was in the Lazy Acres parking lot, I figured I may as well pick a couple of things up. In their bakery case, they have gluten-free muffins. I went with the blueberry muffin and picked up some OJ to get some more Vitamin C in me. I also got some of their three bean vegetarian chili to go so that I would have something warm to look forward to for dinner.

Our Daily Bread

4 Oct

GF muffin, cookie and thumbprint

This morning, I really wanted a muffin, so we tried Our Daily Bread. They have loaves of GF bread for purchase, carrot cake muffins, cookies and thumbprint pastries. I asked if they could make their sandwiches with the bread, but they said no. It also seemed like they weren’t too careful about cross contamination. After using tissue to handle my husband’s muffin, the man then went to use the same piece of tissue on my GF items before we stopped him. It is definitely exciting to have more options in town, but I hope that businesses take the whole GF thing seriously and educate themselves and their staff.


23 Sep

Today, we went to Jeannine’s in Montecito for lunch. I had one of those great unexpected GF moments while we were there. While putting in our order, I noticed a whole basket of individually wrapped gluten-free goodies! The banana bread looked too good to pass up, so I got that to snack on until the orders came to the table. I was so happy that I did. It was fantastic. My normal (i.e. non-GF) husband agreed that it had a great consistency and that he would definitely order it without being on the GF diet. The banana bread along with a special vegetable curry dish was the perfect lunch order.