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Neighbor Tim’s BBQ – CLOSED

26 Jun

It has been quiet on the blog as I have been doing what everyone else is currently doing… adapting to life with a global pandemic. As a lot of people find themselves cooking more, I have purposefully tried to get takeout more in an effort to support our local restaurants. There are so many great options in the Santa Barbara area. For the latest on my local finds, I recommend checking out my Instagram – @glutenfreeinsantabarbara. It is a way for me to highlight some great local businesses in a fraction of the time that it would take to do a blog post.

On Tuesday, I tried Neighbor Tim’s BBQ for the first time. It was definitely off the beaten path as it was in the back of a parking lot on a side street near the airport. But it was worth the trek as everything I had was insanely good. All of their smoked meats, sides (other than their mac n’ cheese) and BBQ sauce are gluten-free. They even had their sauce lab tested to be certified gluten-free. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich without a bun. It came with one side – I chose the bacon baked beans. I also got a side of the corn and bean salad. When I got home, I made a sandwich out of the meat with a Canyon Bakehouse bun. It was perfect for soaking up all of the delicious BBQ sauce.

I hope you and yours are all staying healthy and sane-ish. Please let me know if there are any great local gluten-free options that I haven’t visited yet, and please… wear a mask.

Wildwood Kitchen

11 Jan

IMG_2208We decided to start the new year with a new restaurant. Wildwood Kitchen is the new hot spot located at the corner of Laguna and Haley in The Mill. They had tons of enticing gluten-free options for me. I started with the Frito Pie which was served within a Frito bag. It had Wildwood’s chili, a triple chop of meat, green onions, cheese and sour cream. Miraculously, I didn’t get my meat fill from the Frito Pie, so I shared the BBQ Sampler with a friend.

IMG_2209We had the pulled pork, smoked chicken and Jalapeño-Cheese Sausage. The chicken was ridiculously tender. It was probably my favorite of the three. The restaurant has three homemade BBQ sauces to choose from. Two of the three are gluten-free – the spicy sauce and the espresso sauce. I am a spicy kind of gal, so I only had the one. It was really good with the meat. Typically the BBQ comes with bread, which we obviously had them hold. The table decided to share a couple of side – the grilled carrots and the brussels sprouts.

IMG_2215The carrots came with a pepita pesto which was enjoyed by all. Even more delicious were the brussels.

IMG_2213These were gone in seconds. If the food wasn’t reason enough to return to Wildwood Kitchen, the Jalapeño Margarita is. Holy moly that drink is dangerously delicious. Consider yourself warned.

New Grill = Burger Night

29 Aug

Today was a big day for us since we bought our first grill! We clearly had to break it in, so we took a night off from dining out and fired it up. We made veggie burgers using the Sunshine SouthWest Burgers. The buns were Udi’s Hamburger Buns. After seasoning the corn with some salt and cilantro, we put that on the grill too. I had a New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale to wash it all down. If you have any good, EASY recipes to use on the grill, throw them my way!

El Capitan Canyon

4 Feb

For my husband’s birthday, I surprised him with a night glamping at El Capitan Canyon. This place is really worth checking out. They have luxurious tents and cabins as accommodations. Each tent or cabin comes with its own picnic table and firepit. For dinner, we made veggie burgers with the Sunshine GF Veggie Patties, Udi’s hamburger rolls, hummus, onion and tomato. That was the first time I had Udi’s hamburger rolls and I loved them. For dessert we made gluten-free smores over our firepit. We used S’moreables, GF marshmallows, and Vosges’ peanut butter bonbon chocolate. These were so good. In the morning, we had breakfast at the Canyon Market and Kitchen.

I had the huevos rancheros which was quite tasty after a night of “roughing it”. Under those extra corn tortillas were beans with some melted cheese as well as some potatoes that were cooked with onions. Yum.