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The Bourbon Room

24 Oct

GF Cheese PizzaTonight, we headed to The Bourbon Room as I was craving a burger. I had heard that they offer gluten-free rolls for their burgers so I was very excited. Once we got there, I found that in addition to the rolls, they also had GF pizza! Since I am eating for two, I rationalized that it was totally normal to order two main dishes. The gluten-free cheese pizza was pretty good. The waitress assured me that they cook it on a different surface than their regular pizzas. The crust was on the thin side and stayed together well. I also ordered a cheeseburger on the GF bun.

GF CheeseburgerI couldn’t have the fries since they were in contaminated oil, so I got a side salad without the croutons. It was so nice to be able to have a burger with a bun! As I had just consumed a whole lot of food, I turned down dessert as tempting as it sounded. Our waitress had informed us that they had a GF chocolate chip cookie pie. This is definitely a reason to return!

As a reminder, we will be holding our Fall Gluten-Free Santa Barbara Meet-up on Wednesday at Shoreline Park. For more details, please visit our Facebook page.

Warm Apple Pie

14 Nov

Above is 1 apple pie made by Simply Pies and warmed by me. This picture was taken at 7:48 PM. 4 minutes later…

Is there really anything better than warm apple pie?

Pop-up Dinner at Municipal Winemakers

14 Oct

This evening, there was a pop-up dinner at Municipal Winemakers featuring food from Blue Owl. After calling ahead to ensure they would be GF friendly, I decided to attend. We started with a garlicky caesar salad that was quite good. However, the feature of the night were the three paellas that they made. There was a vegetarian option, a seafood option and a meat option.

Since all three were gluten-free, I decided to try them all. The seafood option had littleneck clams, shrimps, spot prawns, mussels, lobster tails and squid ink. The meat option had smoked duck, beans and spanish chorizo. Out of the three, I found that the meat option had the most flavor. And then there was dessert. For the “normal” people, there was pumpkin pie. For the awesome gluten-free crowd (there were three of us), we got GF berry pie!

This was packed with tons of fresh, flavorful berries. The crust was good too, even though it fell apart a bit when they tried to serve it. Overall, it was a great night with yummy food and lots of wine pairings that made me forget it was a Sunday night!

Pizza By The Slice!

9 May

Is that a beautiful sign or what? Behold, the first restaurant in Santa Barbara to offer gluten-free pizza by the slice. Adama, which already had a gluten-free menu, now has gluten-free pizza and a bakery that is almost entirely GF. Last night, we shared an order of the Fritto Misto to start. It was just as good as the last time we had it. We also got a slice of the GF pizza just to try it.

The bread was good, but there was only a tiny bit that served as an outer crust. That edge was nice and crunchy, but this was definitely a fork and knife pizza as it was softer under all of the tasty toppings. I then ordered the special… falafel with their GF ciabatta bread.

I am not sure if I have ever had falafel but it was really good. The outside was nice and crispy. The bread was really good now that I could taste it a bit better. It was served with a GF tabbouleh that was made from millet. Then came the fun part… dessert. All of the desserts in the case were gluten-free other than the oatmeal raisin cookies (the oats they use are not GF-certified). We went with the apple pie served with soy vanilla ice cream and a peanut butter cookie.

They warmed up the pie which was a nice touch. There is just something about warm apple pie that makes everything right in the world. The peanut butter cookie had a good taste but the consistency was a bit off.

It is just really exciting for a local restaurant to continue pushing themselves to give us GF peeps more and more options when dining out!

Simply Pies

25 Oct

After running some errands today, I stopped at Simply Pies to see what gluten-free things were available. In the case, there was a vegetable quiche and chocolate cream pie that looked too good to pass up. I cut a sliver from the quiche and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds. YUM. The crust was flaky and had a good taste. I don’t even know if I had ever had quiche before but it seems to be a nice way to add a little variety to your breakfast. And then there was the chocolate cream pie…

Oh my goodness… this pie is so good. The whipped cream dollops on top were the perfect accompaniment to the chocolate. This little place on Hollister was so cute. I guess you can order any of their pies, quiches or pot pies to be made GF at least 24 hours in advance. The apple pie looked so incredibly good (with gluten) that I think I will have to try it GF. And pot pies?! How cool is that?!