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6 Apr

For our last night in New Orleans, we had an early dinner at Domenica before the game. We started with the roasted cauliflower which was served with whipped goat feta. This was fantastic. I would love to try to recreate this dish one day. We also shared the affettati misti which was a selection of meats, cheeses, olives and roasted vegetables.

For my main dish, I ordered the white truffle risotto with pancetta. I also added in some grilled shrimp for some extra protein.

This was very satisfying. It was the perfect warm dish to eat prior to heading out in the torrential rains to get to the Superdome. Domenica was a great place for food, ambiance and celebrity sightings!

Fat Hen Grocery

4 Apr

One of the things I enjoyed about New Orleans was the availability of grits wherever we went. We tried a place called Fat Hen Grocery where I ordered the Eggs Creole. It consisted of three poached eggs in a creole tomato sauce, served over cheesy grits. I loved the combination of the creole sauce and the grits. If you do go here, expect to smell like barbeque for the rest of the day!


4 Apr

I was in New Orleans this past weekend for the Final Four so I was able to see how gluten-free the area was. We had a great meal at a place called Theo’s which is located on the really appealing Magazine Street. They have gluten-free pizza available and take all of the necessary precautions to make sure it stays GF. My brother that has celiac was there as well which meant I had someone to split two pizzas with! I ordered Doc’s Margarita. He ordered the Big Dave’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

They were both good, however I would probably add garlic to mine next time to give it more bite. This was a great find in New Orleans!