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Dawn Patrol

1 Mar

IMG_3323.jpgThis morning, I noticed on the Find Me Gluten-Free app that there is a restaurant listed that has GF pancakes. Dawn Patrol was reviewed by a person with celiac who said the pancakes were celiac friendly, so I loaded my youngest into his car seat and headed to lower State Street. After talking to the cashier, I was able to determine that the gluten-free pancakes are made on the same flat top as the regular ones. However, he insisted that they would clean it first. I didn’t feel comfortable with that, so I ended up ordering their Build a Hash which is made on a safe surface. My concoction had russet potatoes, peppers and onions, shredded chicken, spinach, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs and their fire roasted salsa. It also came with an option of corn tortillas (warmed on a GF surface) or bread. The food was hearty enough to split with another person.

It just goes to show that every person with celiac disease has a different level of comfort at restaurants. As always, you are dining at your own risk. That being said, does anyone in SB have a hidden breakfast spot that they love that is GF-friendly?

Hominy Grill

1 Jun

Shrimp and Grits
Anytime I am in the South, I have a craving for shrimp and grits. And so, when we knew we were heading to Charleston, I started researching which restaurant had the best shrimp and grits there. Hominy Grill kept coming up, but to my disappointment, the recipe that had been posted online showed that they used flour. Nevertheless, we went there anyway as it came highly rated as a breakfast restaurant. On their menu, they have gluten-free pancakes listed. Once I talked to our waitress, I didn’t feel comfortable ordering them since they used the same flat top for everything else. It also sounded like it was a very small kitchen that happened to be very busy at the time. When I told her that I really wanted the shrimp and grits, she said they could make those gluten-free for me. I am so glad that they did. These were unbelievable. Along with the shrimp, there were scallions, mushrooms and bacon served over cheese grits. Oh god these were good. I don’t think I gave myself a second to breathe as I inhaled the dish in record time. It is very clear that this restaurant has both a local and tourist following, and for good reason. Because of that, try going on a weekday when the crowd is a bit more manageable!

Old Wives’ Tales

13 Aug

GF PancakesFor breakfast one morning, we headed to the East side of Portland to a place called Old Wives’ Tales. At Old Wives’ Tales, they state that at least 90% of their menu is gluten-free. There, I ordered GF pancakes made from Bob’s Red Mill GF flours. I also had a side GF English Muffin.

GF English MuffinSometimes it is nice to go to a restaurant and to be able to order a bunch of carbs!

Radial Cafe

13 Apr

GF PancakeOne morning in Atlanta, we tried Radial Cafe for breakfast. Our waiter’s grandmother also had Celiac, so he was very well informed. I ordered the gluten free pancakes, which he assured me they prepared on a designated GF surface with clean utensils. These were ridiculously good. They consisted of quinoa, corn, tapioca, buckwheat flours and ground flax. There was some cinnamon in them as well. The short stack was plenty as the pancakes were huge. He also recommended a very GF friendly spot to us in Atlanta called Urban Pl8, which we didn’t get a chance to visit, but sounded as if they would take care of Celiacs.

Feel Good Foods Popup Brunch

25 Aug

While we lived on the East Coast, we always made sure to visit Friedman’s in NYC. They always had the best gluten-free brunch items. When the owners sold the restaurant to focus on their gluten-free company, Feel Good Foods, we knew their products would be amazing (and they are!). This weekend, the team behind Feel Good Foods held a popup gluten-free brunch in Los Angeles. It was absolutely worth the drive. We started by sharing an order of the fried green tomatoes.

I can’t remember ever having these (pre -diagnosis), but I definitely should have. I was surprised by how flavorful the breading was. For my main dish, I had the fried chicken with cheddar waffles.

The chicken was so crispy and yummy that I would have ordered a second portion of this had it not been so filling. The consistency of the waffle was great as well. The hubs ordered the blueberry pancakes which I helped myself to.

These were nice and fluffy, which isn’t always the case with gluten-free pancakes. I attempted to order a gluten-free biscuit but they had sold out of them for the day. If you are within driving distance of Los Angeles, try to book a table for tomorrow’s brunch… you won’t be disappointed!

Recipes Bakery

11 Mar

Yesterday, I met up with a friend to explore the wonderful Saturday Farmer’s Market in Santa Barbara (where I got the most amazing cranberry and walnut goat cheese). As we were getting ready to leave, we saw the cutesy Recipes Bakery building across the street and decided to go in to see what they were all about. As we were both excitedly noticing the “GF” label on the menu, one of the staff members mentioned that they can make all of the items shown above gluten-free except for the banana bread. Even the pancakes? Yes indeed. So I ordered the GF pancakes and my friend ordered the egg scramble with a GF muffin substituted for the toast. Here comes the weird part. As we were waiting for our food we scouted the area to find where we would be eating our breakfast. It turns out they aren’t really set up as a restaurant. Therefore, there really isn’t a seating area set up. This is also why were served our dishes in to-go containers. We both felt this was odd since they had breakfast menu items on the menu, and not just baked goods. We got over that pretty quick once we started eating.

These had lots of chunks of fresh pineapple dispersed within the pancakes. I found them to be really flavorful. The vanilla infused cream complimented them perfectly.

I had a bite of my friend’s GF muffin and it was good, but I was still happy with my choice of the pancakes. If you are looking for breakfast to go, this is your spot!


Pancakes with the Pup

18 Nov

This morning, we took the pup for a walk at the Douglas Preserve. It is a great off-leash area for dogs that has an amazing view of the Santa Barbara coast. After our walk, we decided to go to the back patio of Savoy since it is dog friendly. This was the perfect time to try their gluten-free pancakes. YUM. I don’t know what it is about powdered sugar, but it just makes everything look and taste better. There was also some GF pumpkin bread for purchase but I held off as I was trying a new thing called self-control.

Savoy Cafe and Deli

13 Oct

I don’t know why it took me so long to make it to Savoy Cafe and Deli, but I am so happy I finally did. You know when you find one of those places where there are so many gluten-free items available and you can’t pick just one? That was me this morning. Above is the GF banana nut bread that I started my breakfast with. It was as good as it looks. Then, I had a hard time deciding between gluten-free french toast or pancakes. I ended up picking the french toast.

With strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and powdered sugar, this dish was unbelievable. It was also a very large portion. But I didn’t stop there. There were GF cookies in the display case. I ended up taking a chocolate chip cookie and snickerdoodle cookie to go…. you know… for the blog. I wouldn’t want to skimp on showing you how fantastic these looked.

While there, I noticed that there were sandwiches offered for lunch. Since they clearly had gluten-free bread available, I asked an employee if they could make their sandwiches with the GF bread. She informed me that they can! Woohooo! I have found a gluten-free sandwich place! AND… if you are a chocolate person (which I am not), you can also find a GF brownie here at Savoy. Looks like I have found my new favorite place in Santa Barbara!