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20 Mar

IMG_9453.jpegLiving in Santa Barbara, there is no shortage of Mexican restaurants. However, there are limited spots that offer chips that are truly gluten-free. Mony’s in the Funk Zone only uses their fryer for their fantastic corn tortilla chips. I ordered their nachos which were described to me as enough for 3-4 people.IMG_9456.jpegWhile that may be true, I had no trouble finishing them off with minimal help from my husband. When you start with a chip that is as good as their’s, you are guaranteed to have some tasty nachos. This is the perfect quick meal to have while taking a break from exploring all of the nearby wine tasting rooms.

Bearclaw Cabin

11 Aug

IMG_6008This past week, we were in Utah attending a work getaway and celebrating my birthday. While a lot of the meals were at the hotel we were staying at, we had some opportunities to venture out and eat some tasty gluten-free food. My favorite meal was without a doubt at Bearclaw Cabin. After taking two chairlifts at Sundance Resort up to a mountaintop lodge, we were rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. And to “top” it off, they served safe nachos. There will be a few posts from Utah and then it will be back to Santa Barbara’s gluten-free offerings. Speaking of which, please let me know if there are any new safe spots for me to try. We’ve been traveling so much this summer, it is hard to keep track of restaurant openings!

Dos Carlitos

2 Mar

Dos Carlitos in Santa Ynez is owned by the same owner as Carlitos and Cava. For this reason, we thought it was very important to try it out to make sure that it was as tasty as its sister restaurants. We started with the nachos which were very good. I then had the grilled chicken salad which was served with avocado, grilled peppers, corn tomatoes, scallions and a vinaigrette.

There was so much chicken in this salad that I couldn’t come close to finishing it, but it made for great leftovers later on!


6 Nov

We were at UCSB to train for my upcoming alumni weekend so we decided to bring some dinner home from Isla Vista. Although I really wanted to try Woodstock’s gluten-free pizza, the nachos at Cantina were beckoning me to take a trip down memory lane. These brought me right back to college as I used to have them at least once a week. YUM.