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Nobu at Four Seasons Lanai

4 Oct

Nobu GF MenuThis past summer, we did a family trip to Hawaii. It was amazingly gluten-free friendly. I came home with a slight tan and about seven extra pounds. One of the highlights of the trip was Nobu at the Four Seasons Lanai at Manale Bay. As soon as my brother and I sat down, we were presented a gluten-free menu. There were almost too many dishes to choose from. One of my favorite orders that we had was the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño.

Yellowtail SashimiThere is no way to adequately describe the abundance of flavor in this dish. It was stupid good. If I knew how to prepare this dish, I would eat nothing else. I also loved the Black Cod Saikyo Miso.

Black CodThe fish was nice and flaky and the sauce was perfectly sweet. Sadly, due to the price, this is definitely a special occasion only type of restaurant. However, after enjoying the meal so much, I think half birthdays and half anniversaries now qualify as special occasions. Does anyone know if all of the Nobu locations have this extensive gluten-free menu?


Four Seasons Chicago

10 Sep

One of my favorite things about Four Seasons is their gluten-free friendly breakfast. The Four Seasons in Chicago was no exception. With items like GF Nutella Hotcakes and GF cereal on the menu, I knew I would be fine. I ended up getting the GF blueberry muffin which had plump and juicy blueberries. Along with my scrambled eggs, I also had gluten-free toast.

Our waitress assured me that they had a dedicated gluten-free toaster to prevent cross contamination!

Tydes at the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club

9 Feb

Here’s the catch…. in order to eat at Tydes, you must either be a member of the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club OR you need to be a registered guest at the Four Seasons Biltmore. So what are you waiting for?! Go get a room for the night! Reason #1 you should book a room: You get gluten-free bread when those that eat gluten get their bread. My warm bread was served with a fantastic olive oil. Reason #2: The Butternut Squash Soup.

This was unbelievably tasty. One of the many perks of having GF bread is that you can soak up every last drop of this amazing soup. Reason #3: The Caesar Salad.

I got this without the croutons and without the anchovies on top. Do you see how much grated cheese is on top?! This is the caesar salad I dream about….It had a slightly garlicky dressing that was great with all of that cheese. Reasons #4: The incredibly fresh Branzino. For my main dish, I had the Branzino which was served with chickpeas, capers and olives.

This piece of fish was prepared perfectly and went really well with the saltiness of the capers and olives. We decided to get a couple of sides with our main dishes…which brings me to Reason #5: HERB FRIES WITH PARMESAN AND TRUFFLE OIL.

Imagine my excitement when I found out that these are made in a dedicated fryer. To be honest, it is worth staying a night at the Four Seasons just to have these fries. They were beyond wonderful. As for our other side dish? Reason #6: Broccolini with parmesan. These didn’t photograph as well because it was dark, so you will just have to take my word for it when I say that they were cooked just right. Overall our meal here was perfect. In addition to all of the dishes, our server was warm and attentive. And now comes the hint dropping for my husband… doesn’t a night at the Four Seasons sound great?