23 Sep

Today, we went to Jeannine’s in Montecito for lunch. I had one of those great unexpected GF moments while we were there. While putting in our order, I noticed a whole basket of individually wrapped gluten-free goodies! The banana bread looked too good to pass up, so I got that to snack on until the orders came to the table. I was so happy that I did. It was fantastic. My normal (i.e. non-GF) husband agreed that it had a great consistency and that he would definitely order it without being on the GF diet. The banana bread along with a special vegetable curry dish was the perfect lunch order.

One Response to “Jeannine’s”

  1. doug September 23, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    what HAPPENED over the past year? sb seems like a gluten-free paradise!

    keep the posts coming girl

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