Recipes Bakery

11 Mar

Yesterday, I met up with a friend to explore the wonderful Saturday Farmer’s Market in Santa Barbara (where I got the most amazing cranberry and walnut goat cheese). As we were getting ready to leave, we saw the cutesy Recipes Bakery building across the street and decided to go in to see what they were all about. As we were both excitedly noticing the “GF” label on the menu, one of the staff members mentioned that they can make all of the items shown above gluten-free except for the banana bread. Even the pancakes? Yes indeed. So I ordered the GF pancakes and my friend ordered the egg scramble with a GF muffin substituted for the toast. Here comes the weird part. As we were waiting for our food we scouted the area to find where we would be eating our breakfast. It turns out they aren’t really set up as a restaurant. Therefore, there really isn’t a seating area set up. This is also why were served our dishes in to-go containers. We both felt this was odd since they had breakfast menu items on the menu, and not just baked goods. We got over that pretty quick once we started eating.

These had lots of chunks of fresh pineapple dispersed within the pancakes. I found them to be really flavorful. The vanilla infused cream complimented them perfectly.

I had a bite of my friend’s GF muffin and it was good, but I was still happy with my choice of the pancakes. If you are looking for breakfast to go, this is your spot!


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