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Joni’s Kitchen

30 Sep


This month, we headed back east to Montauk to see our friends get married. I used my trusty Find Me Gluten-Free App to see if there was anything GF friendly near where we would be staying. I ended up hitting the jackpot with Joni’s. While ordering, I noticed an array of GF baked goods on the counter including a plethora of doughnuts! I devoured my cinnamon doughnut outside on one of their faded turquoise picnic tables. I then had the zen rabbit wrap with chicken.

unnamed-1When ordering, the lady (perhaps Joni) assured me that they would be changing their gloves and taking precautions to limit cross contamination. This spot is just blocks from the beach and definitely had a local’s feel to it. I wish we were in the area for more time so I could have had a couple more meals here!

C’est Cheese Cafe

7 Jul

Smoked SalmonI love cheese… I sometimes think that not being able to eat gluten is easy when compared with the idea of not being able to eat cheese. My favorite place in Santa Barbara to stock up on some cheese has always been C’est Cheese. So when I found out that they were expanding to include a cafe, I was so excited. I tried it out for breakfast and it did not disappoint. The pastry chef’s significant other has Celiac Disease which has translated to an awareness of what gluten is and what gluten-free means. That being said, I did have to ask questions when ordering. I ordered the smoked salmon with their own gluten-free bread. Typically they warm the bread in a contaminated toaster. However, they were able to warm it up in an oven for me on some foil. I loved my dish and can’t want to go back to try something else… preferably with one of their signature cheeses!

Merritt’s Store & Grill

6 Jan

BLTBehold the tastiest BLT you will ever have. In November, my brother got married in North Carolina. After doing a search on the Find Me Gluten-Free app, I found out that Merritt’s, his favorite BLT spot was GF friendly! They even have a choice of GF breads to use for their sandwiches! My parents picked me up a sandwich when they were out running errands. She said that when she told the lady at the counter that I was Celiac, that she was extremely careful. She washed her hands, used a clean surface, and even opened up a new jar of mayo to make sure there was no cross contamination from the non-GF items that they serve there. The result was an amazing BLT on a gluten-free sourdough roll!

The Bourbon Room

24 Oct

GF Cheese PizzaTonight, we headed to The Bourbon Room as I was craving a burger. I had heard that they offer gluten-free rolls for their burgers so I was very excited. Once we got there, I found that in addition to the rolls, they also had GF pizza! Since I am eating for two, I rationalized that it was totally normal to order two main dishes. The gluten-free cheese pizza was pretty good. The waitress assured me that they cook it on a different surface than their regular pizzas. The crust was on the thin side and stayed together well. I also ordered a cheeseburger on the GF bun.

GF CheeseburgerI couldn’t have the fries since they were in contaminated oil, so I got a side salad without the croutons. It was so nice to be able to have a burger with a bun! As I had just consumed a whole lot of food, I turned down dessert as tempting as it sounded. Our waitress had informed us that they had a GF chocolate chip cookie pie. This is definitely a reason to return!

As a reminder, we will be holding our Fall Gluten-Free Santa Barbara Meet-up on Wednesday at Shoreline Park. For more details, please visit our Facebook page.

Trattoria La Lanterna

5 Sep

RiomaggioreSteps from the water in Riomaggiore, one of the towns of Cinque Terre, is a restaurant called Trattoria La Lanterna. Our guide for the day had called ahead so that they would be aware of our dietary needs. When we sat down, my brother and I received some gluten-free bread.

GF BreadI had a view of the prep area from where I was sitting, so I could see that the bread had come from a fully sealed package. The dishes here are served family style, so we both got the gluten-free pasta with olive oil, garlic and chilis.

GF pasta with olive oil, garlic and chilisThis dish was very light as far as pastas go. I may have preferred some more of the chilis as there wasn’t too much heat to it. The extra bread we had was very good dipped in the leftover oil and garlic.

Chuflay Restaurant at Splendido Mare

4 Sep

Minestrone di Verdure alla Genovese, al Basilico Chuflay Restaurant at Splendido Mare is located in the heart of the harbor of Portofino. We ate on their outside terrace which gave us the perfect vantage point for people watching. After placing our order, my brother and I received a gluten-free bread basket. It certainly didn’t hurt that the bread was served warm! I started with the Minestrone di Verdure alla Genovese, al Basilico. This Genoese vegetable soup was very good but it was also extremely filling as it was packed with beans and veggies. For my main dish, I had the area’s specialty, the (gluten-free) pasta with the traditional Genoese pesto.

Pasta with traditional Genoese pestoOut of all of the pastas I had in Italy with pesto, this one was my favorite. This was probably due to the fact that I could taste the plethora of cheese in the pesto!

Old Wives’ Tales

13 Aug

GF PancakesFor breakfast one morning, we headed to the East side of Portland to a place called Old Wives’ Tales. At Old Wives’ Tales, they state that at least 90% of their menu is gluten-free. There, I ordered GF pancakes made from Bob’s Red Mill GF flours. I also had a side GF English Muffin.

GF English MuffinSometimes it is nice to go to a restaurant and to be able to order a bunch of carbs!

Portland Farmer’s Market

12 Aug

Lemon Poppy Seed CakeOne of the best ideas we had in Portland was to visit the Farmer’s Market on Saturday at Portland State. Almost immediately upon getting there, we spotted the deliciousness above at Gabriel’s Bakery stand. This was a gluten-free lemon poppy seed cake. Thinking that there wouldn’t be too many things for me, we bought it and ate it immediately. It was incredibly good. Once we started walking around some more, we found that almost every stand there had GF options. There were too many gluten-free things! There were numerous GF bakeries, savory hand pies, ice cream sandwiches and more. I couldn’t resist getting a baguette at the New Cascadia stand.

GF BaguetteThis bakery is entirely gluten-free. I ended up snacking on this over the next couple of days. We also saw a Petunia’s stand. Knowing how much we enjoyed our experience there the day before, we decided to try their Salted Caramel Cookie Bar.

Salted Caramel Cookie BarThis did not disappoint as it was the perfect balance of sweet and salty. If you are in Portland on a Saturday you MUST experience this Farmer’s Market… and go hungry!

Brasil Arts Cafe

23 Jun

Pão de QueijoHappy Solstice Weekend! This past week, we had lunch at Brasil Arts Cafe. There are only two items on the menu that are labeled as gluten-free, but the lady at the register was very informed about any alterations that had to be made to other menu items to make them GF. I started with the Pão de Queijo. This is described as “Simple and Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Buns”. I loved this. My only complaint was that I thought I was getting multiple buns due to the description as I could have crushed a bunch of these! I then had the Brazilian Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken.

Brazilian Caesar SaladThis was pretty similar to a typical caesar salad, except it had little pieces of that cheese bread as croutons. As much as I liked that bread on its own, it wasn’t as good of a consistency for croutons.

Miró at Bacara

18 Jun

Open Face Santa Barbara Cambridge House Smoked SalmonA couple of weeks ago, I went to Bacara for breakfast with a friend to celebrate her birthday. When I started to ask my questions about gluten-free items, the waitress was very confused. It was clear that she was not sure what gluten-free meant. As she kept saying “I think that is okay”, I asked if she would just go to the kitchen to ask the chef what my options were. Once she came back, she knew that they had gluten-free bread available. I had the Open Face Santa Barbara Cambridge House Smoked Salmon on gluten-free bread. It was okay. The company and the views definitely made up for it though. One other thing that I was not crazy about that had nothing to do with being GF was that when she brought our dishes out, she also gave us the check immediately. I personally feel that by doing that, it makes you feel more rushed.