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Joni’s Kitchen

30 Sep


This month, we headed back east to Montauk to see our friends get married. I used my trusty Find Me Gluten-Free App to see if there was anything GF friendly near where we would be staying. I ended up hitting the jackpot with Joni’s. While ordering, I noticed an array of GF baked goods on the counter including a plethora of doughnuts! I devoured my cinnamon doughnut outside on one of their faded turquoise picnic tables. I then had the zen rabbit wrap with chicken.

unnamed-1When ordering, the lady (perhaps Joni) assured me that they would be changing their gloves and taking precautions to limit cross contamination. This spot is just blocks from the beach and definitely had a local’s feel to it. I wish we were in the area for more time so I could have had a couple more meals here!

Brunch at Home

22 Mar

Bagel and LoxI was able to get away from work for a couple of days to squeeze in a quick trip to New Jersey to see my grandparents. There is nothing like hanging out at the house, playing 500 and feasting on bagels and lox. I used Joan’s bagels. They are a little tricky to bake, but the taste of them is worth it. We got our lox from Fairway Market where the guy there was able to slice it paper-thin. Later in the day, when we were ready for another snack, we made some corn dogs that we found at the market. Corn DogsThese were made by Applegate and were found in the frozen section. There is just something about eating food on a stick that makes it so much more fun.

Ultimate Bagels

29 Sep

After a tasty meal at Tupelo Junction the other day, I walked by a sign at Ultimate Bagels that said they had gluten-free items available. I was in a rush and couldn’t stop in, but after following up, it appears that they have gluten-free cookies. Cookies are better than nothing, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a place that offered GF bagels? For now, I guess I will have to continue to order my bagels from Joan’s.