Chuflay Restaurant at Splendido Mare

4 Sep

Minestrone di Verdure alla Genovese, al Basilico Chuflay Restaurant at Splendido Mare is located in the heart of the harbor of Portofino. We ate on their outside terrace which gave us the perfect vantage point for people watching. After placing our order, my brother and I received a gluten-free bread basket. It certainly didn’t hurt that the bread was served warm! I started with the Minestrone di Verdure alla Genovese, al Basilico. This Genoese vegetable soup was very good but it was also extremely filling as it was packed with beans and veggies. For my main dish, I had the area’s specialty, the (gluten-free) pasta with the traditional Genoese pesto.

Pasta with traditional Genoese pestoOut of all of the pastas I had in Italy with pesto, this one was my favorite. This was probably due to the fact that I could taste the plethora of cheese in the pesto!

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