Root 246

14 Apr

From the moment we sat down, it was clear that we were going to have a great meal at Root 246 in Solvang. Our waitress, whose sister also has celiac disease, was incredibly helpful and informative. We started with an order of the nuts which were warm and served with lemon, thyme and salt.

My dad and I then shared two starters… the oysters and the mussels. The oysters were meaty and fresh.

The mussels and the sauce that they were cooked in were absolutely wonderful.

They were served with fries (GF!) that successfully soaked up all of the delicious sauce. Our waitress was very clear explaining that the fries were in a separate fryer. However, the fryer is next to another fryer (not connected to it), so there is a chance that oil could splatter from the fryer next to it. I took my chances because I was really craving fries.

For my main dish, I ordered the scallops which were served with pork belly. YUM. I am not ashamed to say that I finished every morsel of this dish. They were meant to be served with crispy mushrooms, but since those were not GF, I had it without them.

We ordered three side dishes to accompany our mains: broccolini with garlic and crushed almonds, crispy kale with salt and shishito peppers.

I enjoyed all three, but I think the kale was my favorite. It sort of melted in my mouth.

The shishito peppers were interesting and flavorful as well.

I wasn’t planning on having dessert. My mom ordered a scoop of their Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream. My dad ordered the butterscotch pudding taster with a peanut butter cookie. When our waitress, Dana (I think that was her name), brought their desserts out, she brought me some sort of a chocolate flourless cake so that I would have something to eat.

Any restaurant that insists that I eat GF dessert is all right by me. We really thought his meal was fantastic. Even though I feel like I lucked out having our waitress, I got the impression that any of the staff there would be as competent as her.

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