Date Night at Julienne

20 Apr

It has been a bit crazy around here since we are nearing the end of closing on a house. Last night, we were both up to going out for dinner so I took the opportunity to bring my husband to Julienne to celebrate our impending home ownership. We started with the Cauliflower Florets which included diced carrot, parsley, Tuscan kale and micro grated Pecorino Romano. Then I had the Little Gems.

I loved this salad. It had roasted beets, radishes, walnut, French feta (my favorite part) and a Fennel Pollen Vinaigrette. For my main dish, I ordered the oven roasted pork belly. Pork belly….mmmmmm.

Topped with toasted mustard, this was fantastic. It was served with brussels sprouts, carrots and apple sauce. For dessert, we shared their ice cream of the day which was an orange creamsicle flavor. It reminded me of having an Orange Julius in my younger years.

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