Sushi Teri

30 Dec

Sushi Teri on Bath Street is our go-t0 for sushi if we don’t want to spend a fortune but want some good sushi. Tonight, we started with some edamame. I then got three rolls. The first was the SBCC roll.

In this roll is shrimp, broccoli, crab leg, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber and spicy sauce. I get this roll every time we are there. This time, I also tried two new rolls. They were all pretty similar though. The first was the Black Tiger. This had crab leg, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and shrimp.

The last roll I got was the Red Shrimp. It wasn’t on the menu… I had seen it on the wall by the door when we were waiting to sit. It basically had a lot of the same ingredients as the first two rolls but with tuna on top. Happy New Years Eve Eve!

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