Whole Foods Sandwich

2 Jan

We went to see The Descendants tonight at the Hitchcock Way Movie Theater. Go see this movie while it is still in the theaters. It was the perfect combination of funny and sad. Afterwards, we decided to pick up some dinner from Whole Foods. I went to the sandwich counter and asked if they could make a sandwich with GF bread. The guy said that he could. When I asked what kind of bread they use, he said Udi’s which made me really excited since their sandwich bread is great. However, it turned out he used Ener-G’s Tapioca Bread since they had an open package of it. It was pretty thin and crumbly and made me think that this is what most gluten eaters think all GF bread tastes like. The fillings were tasty though. I will definitely go back and try another sandwich on a day that they use Udi’s, especially since the guy was great about changing his gloves and being careful about cross contamination.

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