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23 Sep

Even though I have only been back for a week, I am amazed at how far Santa Barbara has come. For those of you that are just visiting the area and would like more options for your stay here, below are restaurants that I know to be GF friendly but that I have not posted anything about yet. Many of them I have been to and have experienced no problems. Others are on my list of places to try. As always, know that you are eating at your own risk and speak with the staff to avoid any cross contamination issues.

Olio e limone (pasta) – I have had many fantastic meals here prior to them offering GF pasta. This is a great place to go for a special meal. Posted!

Ca Dario (pasta) – The last time I lived in Santa Barbara, I know they would cook your GF pasta if you brought it, but word is that they have their own stock now. Posted!

Pascucci (pasta) – This is a good option to go to if you are shopping downtown. Posted!

Bucatini (pasta) – I only had one meal here a very long time ago and didn’t love my experience, but they are owned by the same guy as Tre Lune and Luckys. I will definitely be giving it another chance now that they are carrying GF pasta.

Aldo’s (pasta) – This place seems to cater to more of the tourists, but they need to eat GF too! I ate here once many years ago and it was kind of mediocre, but I will try it again to taste some GF pasta.

Pastavino (pasta) – I just saw online that this place offers GF pasta. They are owned by the same people as Holdren’s.

Palazzio (pasta) – This is the place to go if you are hungry as their portions are HUGE. I haven’t tried this GF pasta yet, but I used to get salmon here and it was nicely prepared. Posted!

Adama – This is an entirely vegan restaurant that has GF items clearly marked on the menu online. Posted!

Le Crepe Shoppe – I read that they offer crepes that are made entirely of buckwheat flour. I haven’t been yet though to check out any cross contamination concerns. Posted! 

Taffy’s Pizza (pizza) – Saw that they have GF pizza. Plan to go there soon!

Pizza Mizza (pizza) – Never been, but will definitely be visiting since they have GF pizza! Posted! 

Pizza Guru (pizza) – Posted!

Woodstocks Pizza (pizza) – It would have been nice to have a GF pizza option in Isla Vista while I was still at UCSB! Posted!

Spiritland Bistro – We have been here a few times. It is fantastic for people that eat GF, vegetarian, or just want a tasty meal.

Simply Pies – I am not a huge pastry/dessert kind of girl, but this just sounds too good to pass up. Can’t wait to try a GF pie! Posted! 
Honey B. Bakeshop (entirely GF bakery) – I am not a sweets girl, but look at the pictures on this website. This place might change me.

2 Responses to “Future Restaurant Posts”

  1. bill stewart September 24, 2011 at 7:36 am #

    did you go to see gluten free breads in high point, North Carolina when you were traveling there?

  2. glutenfreeinsb September 24, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    No. We drove directly from Chapel Hill to Asheville because we were excited to explore Asheville. Is there something worth stopping for? We will have to check it out next time we are in that area!

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