Pizza Guru

25 Sep

Tonight to celebrate my first day of work, my husband wanted to take me out to a nice dinner at Tre Lune. As delicious as that sounded though, all I really wanted was some pizza so that I could kick my feet up and enjoy some food in the comfort of our (temporary) home. After meeting my friend’s beautiful new baby boy, we went to pick up some pizza from Pizza Guru. We ordered two medium-sized GF pizzas… the Mystic Pizza and the Peaceful Pesto. They were both decent. As far as the toppings, we both thought they could have had a little more kick to them. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the crust which was firm enough to hold the toppings. It was pretty thin, but thicker than the cracker type crust you often see with GF pizzas. They also seemed very cautious of cross contamination. We just got the pizzas but apparently you can order GF wings, bread sticks, beer (Green’s), and even chocolate cake!

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