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Friday Night at Petros

14 Jul

One of the best things about going to dinner with another Celiac is that you can share dishes! On Friday night, a Celiac friend and I went to Petros. We started with the Shrimp Sagnaki which I loved. It consisted of shrimp with a tomato basil feta cheese sauce. This sauce had the perfect amount of heat to it… I found myself eating just the sauce after all of the shrimp had been eaten! For my main dish, I had the fish of the day which was Sappara.

I chose to have this grilled with olive oil and lemon juice. It came with a generous portion of the Petros Horiatiki Salad.

One of the things I love about eating Greek food is that it is so easy to be healthy! This was the perfect summer meal.


11 Jan

Tonight we tried Petros, the new restaurant on State Street across from the Arlington Theater. I started with the Petros Horiatiki Salad which had vine-ripe tomatoes, cucumber, feta, olives, avocado, onions, capers, olive oil and oregano. We then shared the Dip Combo which comes with portions of Kafteri, Melitanosalata, Tzatiki, Fava and Taramosalata. Since the Taramosalata has bread crumbs in it, they put it on the side for me. They also brought out sliced cucumber (at a charge) since I couldn’t eat the pita.

I really enjoyed two of them (the bottom two in the picture). The white one was the Tzatiki which had a good bite to it due to garlic. The one of the bottom was the Kafteri which consists of four special Greek cheeses blended with a cocktail of hot peppers. Then it was time for the main dish. I tried to order their signature dish which was feta crusted rack of lamb but there were bread crumbs involved so instead I went with the fish tacos which are served on corn tortillas.

These were pretty good. The feta on top was a nice touch. I struggled to finish all three though since it was a generous portion. During our meal, we had a waitress in training. I will say that I was glad that the seasoned waitress was with her while we were ordering as she seemed very knowledgeable about which dishes were GF or not.