Manuelina Ristorante

27 Sep

Cheese FocacciaOkay… one more Italy post until we get back to some Santa Barbara goodness. One of my favorite meals on our summer vacation was at Manuelina. Here, they serve their famous cheese focaccia. Imagine my surprise when our waiter informed me that they make a gluten-free version! This was ridiculously cheesy and amazing. I then had their homemade gluten-free gnocchi with a pesto sauce.

Gnocchi with PestoThis was also pretty unbelievable. Some of the others at the table had ordered pasta with a walnut sauce that they were raving about. For some reason, I thought it may be a good idea to order another order of the gnocchi with the walnut sauce.

Gnocchi with Walnut SauceThere must have been five pounds of butter in this sauce. As a huge fan of butter, I found it quite tasty. I couldn’t manage finishing the dish, but it was definitely worth ordering!

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