S.Y. Kitchen Round 2

28 Jun

ArtichokeThis past week, we went back to S.Y. Kitchen with my parents. The meal was just as tasty as the first time we went. The table shared an order of the baked artichoke. This was beyond awesome. It was prepared with parmesan and fresh thyme. I also had their special avocado salad.

Avocado SaladThis was big enough that I wished I hadn’t ordered a main dish. But I did. For my entrée, I had the Oak Grilled Prime Natural Angus New York Steak.

Angus New York SteakThis was served with arugula, parmigiano and balsamic. It was very good but I ended up taking most of it home since I was pretty full at this point. That didn’t stop me from ordering dessert though. They have one gluten-free labeled item on their dessert menu. It is an almond chocolate cake.

Almond Chocolate CakeI liked that it wasn’t too chocolaty. This restaurant is becoming my favorite reason to take a drive to the wine country!

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