Anchor Woodfire Kitchen and Bar

13 Mar

Spare PartsLast week we went with my parents to try Anchor Woodfire Kitchen down on lower State Street. The waitress we had was very helpful in letting me know what I could and could not have. We started with some cured meats and cheeses. Since they make all of their meats, she was able to confirm that there were no fillers in them. Typically this comes with bread, so she made sure to place that on a separate plate. For my appetizer, I had the local mussels.

Local MusselsThese had chickpeas, nduja (which is a spicy, spreadable sausage) and a paprika broth. I found them quite tasty. I had wanted to order the special fish that evening for my main dish. However, they refused to remove the head and debone it for me, so I went with the smoked and braised short ribs.

Niman Ranch Short RibsThese were served with parmesan polenta and a heavy dose of yummy mustard. Overall I enjoyed my meal here. I loved the playlist they had, and the space was really cool. There were a couple of things that happened during our meal that they will hopefully figure out. We were served all of our entrees while there were still appetizers being consumed. Additionally, we were served our check without being offered dessert or coffee. I have a feeling they were new restaurant kinks though, so I will be sure to try it again!

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