Pickles & Swiss

16 Jan

Chipotle Turkey ClubThere is a new sandwich spot in Paseo Nuevo called Pickles & Swiss that offers gluten-free bread for their sandwiches! They use Our Daily Bread’s GF bread. Upon asking questions, they didn’t really seem too informed about cross contamination so I would say to eat at your own risk. There is one toaster press that they use, so if you do get a sandwich, you have to get it served cold which was fine by me. They were happy to change their gloves to accommodate me. I ordered the Chipotle Turkey Club which had turkey, bacon, tomato, avocado, romaine and a chipotle aioli. The bread was quite crumbly, probably due to the fact that it could not be used on their toaster press. Otherwise it was good. I wonder if they switched to Canyon Bakehouse Bread if it would make a difference with the crumbly issue or of course it would be wonderful if they had a dedicated press in the back for gluten-free bread!

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    […] Nuevo location. I’ve eaten successfully at that location a handful of times as well since I wrote about them 4 years […]

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