Park City Pizza Co.

23 Dec

Park City Pizza
One of most gluten-free friendly places we found in Utah was Park City Pizza. On their gluten-free menu, they have the following paragraph:

We feel for you, we really do… we know how hard it is to find yummy GF food! Our resident celiac and owner Jeff lives this way, our manager Alyssa has major gluten intolerance! We also know how scary it can be to eat out and not know whether or not you are being poisoned (a little dramatic but you get the picture). That is why we had our kitchen certified by the gluten free institute and our co-workers trained to do the very best we can to ensure your food won’t make you sick! We hope you enjoy (and tell all your wheat-free friends!)

I just love how aware the restaurants here are about cross contamination! We ordered a cheese pizza.

Cheese PizzaThis was a good basic cheese pizza. We also ordered the baked ziti since that used to be my go-to order back in the gluten eating days.

Baked ZitiIt was warm and gooey which was fantastic after a cold day of skiing. AND… it came with garlic bread!

Garlic Bread

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