Cottage Hospital Cafeteria

26 Sep

One of the nice things about eating at a hospital is that there is an awareness of different dietary needs. At Cottage Hospital, they ensure that at least one of their soups and one of their main dishes each day is gluten-free. Additionally, everything is labeled clearly as shown above so that there is no question as to what you can and can’t eat. I ended up having their salmon with pineapple relish. I got this with a side of rice and vegetables.

I was surprised at how good a hospital’s cafeteria could be! I loved the pineapple relish that came on top of the salmon. For dessert, I had some GF chocolate cake.

My favorite part of the cake was definitely the frosting. While there, I met with with the cofounder of Gluten-Free Santa Barbara to plan our first meeting. As a reminder, it is being held one week from today! It will be held in the cafeteria area at 5:30 PM. Additionally, every Wednesday, Cottage Hospital holds a farmer’s market from noon to 5:00PM. So, just show up a little early to get some shopping done!

To get the latest updates on our future meetings, events and more, just like us on Facebook! AND… if you plan on attending our inaugural meeting, please RSVP on the event site.

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