Pane e Vino

27 Feb

It was a chilly day here in Santa Barbara so some warm Italian food sounded perfect. We decided to go to Pane e Vino in the Upper Village of Montecito. I started with the soup they had for the day, a hearty vegetable soup. It had lots of chunks of potatoes which made it quite filling. Then I had the Insalata Mista.

This consisted of baby lettuce, tomatoes and leeks with a vinaigrette dressing. It was nice and light. Then, after asking our waiter about gluten-free pasta, and being told they had penne and spaghetti, I ordered the Fusilli con Melanzane e Scamorza with the GF penne.

This pasta had smoked mozzarella, eggplant and a tomato sauce. You could really taste the smokiness in the dish which I liked. I just keep getting excited about all of the options we have here in the Santa Barbara area. This is another great one to add to the list of GF friendly places. I will note that I did have to request the pasta to be made in a fresh pot of water. It sounded like without asking, they make it in a “contaminated” pot so just be sure to make it clear if you are intolerant and not just eating GF by choice!

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