GF in London

3 Oct

Our trip to London was a quick one. My brother that has Celiac lives there, so it was nice seeing his neighborhood. When we arrived to our hotel, we had about ten minutes to get ready for dinner which was in our hotel. We went to Bar Boulud, located at the Manderin Oriental at Hyde Park. They had GF bread for me which my brother informed me was the Genius Bread by Glutino. It was quite tasty. I also had salad, a huge bowl of mussels and frites. They seemed well-informed of what was GF and wasn’t.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel. This meant more GF bread which went perfectly with some eggs and fruit. We took a bus tour of London so that we could pack the most sightseeing in for a short visit. After working up an appetite by climbing to the top of St. Paul’s Church, it was time to find some food. We got back on the bus and got off again at the Tower of London. We intended to eat at Wagamama, a GF-friendly noodle chain, but the location at the Tower was closed. Instead, we went to GBK, a burger place that had a whole sheet listing what I could and could not have. Particularly tasty was the garlic mayo I got to dip my “chips” in.

We then did a tour of the Tower of London which was incredibly interesting. My favorite things to see were the crown jewels, but the white chapel that held the armor and artillery was fascinating too. We then took the bus back to Hyde Park and walked around Harrods for a bit. That store is insane. You could spend a whole day there and still not see everything. We then prepared for our dinner at Dinner. As this was located in our hotel, they too had the GF bread. This restaurant was really creative. Their menu is based on “historic British gastronomy”. I started with the meat fruit, a recipe that comes from about 1500. I then shared the wing rib of Irish angus which was a dish from about 1830. Everything was delicious.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel again and then walked to Buckingham Palace. We got there in time for the changing of the guard, which we all found pretty dull. We then walked to Westminster Abbey which was unreal. After spending time there, we took a cab to our lunch destination, Cotto. If you have celiac and are visiting London, you must visit this place. GF pizza, pasta, bread and desserts dominated the menu. I had a pizza while my husband ordered a GF pasta so that I could try it. The owner, Leno (who was awesome), then brought me a tiramisu. Now I have never had tiramisu, so I had nothing to compare it to… but this thing was SO good. The rest of the day was spent walking around and window shopping. Before we knew it, dinner time had arrived. My brother insisted we go to a place called Hunan, a chinese restaurant where you tell them what you can’t eat, and they take care of the rest. The man in charge did a good job at telling my brother and I which dishes we could not eat. However, it was a little confusing some of the times when others brought our dishes out. It was a really interesting take on eating out though.

We would love to return to London, especially to try more restaurants. My brother has found tons of GF options there in just one year. It was definitely helpful that there was not a language barrier.

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  1. sleepinghorse October 7, 2011 at 12:57 am #

    Good post to keep for my trip to London in March to visit my son. My last trip was just before my diagnosis. UK and Paris.

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