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Autism Family Night at the Santa Barbara Zoo

12 Jul

Tonight was Autism Family Night at the Santa Barbara Zoo. To support those families that whose lives have been affected by autism, the Zoo’s Ridley-Tree House Restaurant served up a limited menu that featured gluten-free and dairy-free items. I ended up getting the Grilled Veggie Stir-fry which was served over rice. The only alteration I had to make to the dish was to omit the mushrooms since they had been prepared with soy sauce. This was fine by me since I am not a huge fan of mushrooms! It would be wonderful if the Zoo would place GF friendly dishes on their permanent menu for those who have to avoid gluten.

Picnic and the Zoo

29 Feb

It had been awhile since I had seen my friend and her adorable baby so we decided to have a picnic in Alice Keck Park and then go to the zoo! I brought us gluten-free sandwiches made on Udi’s bread from Whole Foods. They were incredibly good.

Is that not the cutest baby you have ever seen? He rolled around a bit while we devoured the sandwiches. For dessert, I brought some cookies that I saw at the store.

These reminded me of a thicker version of the Entenmann’s cookies that we had in our house growing up. They were chewy and had a really good taste. After our picnic, we headed to the zoo to see some animals.

This giraffe just wanted to hang out with us, even following us as we were starting to leave! It was fun to see young Daniel, the giraffe, and the newest resident, Michael. Next time, we may just have the picnic at the zoo since there is plenty of grass to spread out on!