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Cafe Luna in Summerland

4 Mar

Quinoa TaboulehAs I am about one week from my due date, I have been trying to make healthy options when I go out to restaurants. Cafe Luna made that easy for me as they offer a quinoa tabouleh option for lunch. With quinoa, diced tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and fresh herbs, it was both tasty yet light. It came with a side of mixed greens and hummus. Typically it comes with bread, so you just need to omit that for a perfectly yummy gluten-free meal.

Cafe Luna

25 Apr

My celiac friend and I spent the day exploring Summerland and the antique shops that line Lillie Avenue. When hunger struck, we stopped at Cafe Luna to get some food. They do not have GF bread, but they will make any of their sandwiches into a salad. I had the turkey sandwich as a salad. It came with cheese, sun dried tomatoes and onions with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Seal Sanctuary and Brunch

21 Mar

I didn’t have to work today and it is so beautiful out so we decided to go for a walk to the Seal Sanctuary with our pup. Once we got there, we took turns looking at the seals since dogs aren’t allowed within sight of the sanctuary. This is one of those special spots in the Santa Barbara area.

This time of year, it is a protected birthing habitat for the seals. We could see the young seals playing around with the older seals. If you time it right and come in January and February, you might get to see them being born! After we finished our walk, we had worked up an appetite. On the way home, we stopped at the Summerland Beach Cafe since they had a huge sign saying that they were dog friendly. When we sat down, our dog was given a water bowl and a dog biscuit. I ordered the Rigoberto’s Rancheros with my eggs over easy.

The potatoes were made with onions which I always like. My only thought was that the cheese could have been a bit more melted but overall, it was a very satisfying dish.