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Product Review: Saffron Road Chickpea Snacks

6 Jan

Saffron RoadI love products with a lot of flavor, so when Saffron Road sent me some samples of their chickpea snacks, I was excited to dig in. I found that they were addictive. The Falafel flavor was the least spicy. It was easy to finish this bag right away. Bombay Spice was packed with flavorful spices, even leaving behind the evidence on my hands. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Wasabi flavor, but for those that enjoy wasabi, you will find that it tastes as if are eating wasabi straight up. The folks over at Saffron Road have sent me some coupons to share, so leave a comment if you want to get your hands on this tasty snack!

Product Review: Linwoods

18 Sep

This past week, I have been trying out Linwoods’ line of Super Foods after being sent a sample. These Super Foods naturally provide vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, all aimed at improving your overall health. For a girl that eats nachos like it is her job, I figured some extra vitamins and minerals could be good for me. It was easiest for me to sprinkle them on my breakfast each day, whether I was having GF granola, yogurt or a smoothie. I found that there wasn’t much taste to the basic flaxseed. The one that I enjoyed the taste of the most was the Flaxseed and Goji Berries. It was good mixed in with fruit smoothies and provided me with a ton of antioxidants to start my day right!

Product Review: Chia/Vie

27 Aug

This week, I was sent a bottle of Chia/Vie to try. This is a new addition to the bottled smoothie market with the added benefit of being packed with ground chia seeds. I wasn’t too familiar with the benefits of chia seeds so I did a little googling. Apparently they are packed with fiber, omega fatty acids, calcium, antioxidants and protein. Additionally, they are known to curb your appetite, making it the perfect snack! So on to this smoothie… it was very comparable to other packaged smoothies taste wise. However, it was much more drinkable then other drinks with whole chia seeds as it was much smoother. I can definitely see myself drinking this as a breakfast-on-the-go or as a midday snack! Want to try Chia/Vie and live in the Santa Barbara area? They are available at Lazy Acres and Whole Foods!