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Ventana Grill

30 Jun

Summer to me means that it is time to take fun day trips to new places. I had always wanted to go to the sand dunes in Pismo Beach, so this week we headed up there. We rented our buggy and then made our way to the actual dunes. It was quite terrifying not knowing what was on the other side of a dune. After working up an appetite, we headed to Ventana Grill, where I was presented with a gluten-free menu.

I ended up getting the Ventana chopped salad which said it had chicken, romaine hearts, granny smith apples, roma tomatoes, roasted poblanos, caramelized corn, red onions, cotija, cilantro and a cumin dijon dressing. When I received it though, there were tortilla chips on top of it.

I asked our waiter and he assured me that they were GF, but I was still a bit wary since they weren’t on the GF menu. At least we had a beautiful view from our table to ease my food anxiety!