Pop-up Dinner at Municipal Winemakers

14 Oct

This evening, there was a pop-up dinner at Municipal Winemakers featuring food from Blue Owl. After calling ahead to ensure they would be GF friendly, I decided to attend. We started with a garlicky caesar salad that was quite good. However, the feature of the night were the three paellas that they made. There was a vegetarian option, a seafood option and a meat option.

Since all three were gluten-free, I decided to try them all. The seafood option had littleneck clams, shrimps, spot prawns, mussels, lobster tails and squid ink. The meat option had smoked duck, beans and spanish chorizo. Out of the three, I found that the meat option had the most flavor. And then there was dessert. For the “normal” people, there was pumpkin pie. For the awesome gluten-free crowd (there were three of us), we got GF berry pie!

This was packed with tons of fresh, flavorful berries. The crust was good too, even though it fell apart a bit when they tried to serve it. Overall, it was a great night with yummy food and lots of wine pairings that made me forget it was a Sunday night!

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