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Sides Hardware and Shoes

8 Mar

Carrot SoupWednesday was one of those overcast days that almost beg you to have soup. Lucky for me, at Sides Hardware and Shoes, their special soup for the day was a fantastic carrot soup with ginger cream and chive oil. I started with a cup of it, instantly regretting that I didn’t just order a gallon of it as my order. For my main dish, I initially was going to order the shrimp tostada but they fry the corn tortilla in contaminated oil. Instead, I had their fish tacos.

Fish TacosThese were served on fresh corn tortillas and had fresh albacore tuna, cabbage, guacamole, salsa and a chipotle aioli. There was a lot of fish with the tacos so I filled up pretty quickly. However that didn’t stop me from trying their gluten-free dessert, macaroon sandwiches.

Macaroon SandwichesThese coconut macaroons were filled with dark chocolate and coconut swirl sorbet. I am not a huge coconut fan and I was pretty full at this point so I only had one. But for those coconut lovers, this would be a great dessert to share!


Panino Montecito

26 Jan

It is really warm out today (I am not complaining) so I wanted something light for lunch. I picked up the Chicken Salad Salad from Panino in Montecito. This was incredibly tasty and filling. If you ever go wine tasting up near Los Olivos, they have a location up there that is the perfect place to get salads to go and have a picnic on one of the winery properties! (And for your gluten-eating friends and family, they have great sandwiches to choose from too. Now if only we could get them to carry GF bread…)

Los Olivos Cafe and Mini Horses

27 Dec

I had the day off today so we drove into Los Olivos for lunch at the Los Olivos Cafe. I had a Caesar Salad without croutons and with grilled chicken. We also ordered the Roasted Local Vegetables which was supposed to include roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella and tapenade, but for some reason, ours didn’t have the mozzarella. This made us sad. After lunch, we went to Quicksilver Ranch in-between Solvang and Ballard. Miniature horses are quite funny looking. I highly recommend this place if you have kids or if you just want to laugh.