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4 Dec

IMG_2427 2.jpg

Ever since the restaurant Pizza Mizza closed, I had been meaning to try Mizza. I always liked Pizza Mizza’s gluten-free crust which was made with cup-4-cup flour and cooked on a clean surface. However, when my husband and I tried Mizza today, we found out that the GF pizza option they have is cooked on the same surface as the regular pizzas. After speaking with the manager, he confirmed that the new Mizza Pizza delivery service (are all of these names confusing you yet?) is made in a different kitchen than Mizza and they are able to cook the GF pizzas on a clean surface. Hooray! If you want to eat at Mizza, there are still some gluten-free options for you. I had the chopped salad while my husband had the arugula and roasted potato salad.IMG_2429 2.jpg

I also ordered the pan seared halibut for my son and to bring home as leftovers. It was served with heirloom tomatoes, roasted potatoes, carrots and broccolini.

IMG_2431 2.jpgAlthough I was bummed to not have gluten-free pizza for lunch, I was glad to have some safe GF options to choose from. I do love that the restaurant is in La Arcada as the courtyard is particularly magical this time of year with the holiday decorations.

Dinner at Cielito

12 Apr

Two nights ago, a friend and I went to Cielito for dinner. This was my first time in the restaurant portion of the restaurant/taqueria. Our waiter was really good about checking things in the kitchen for me. We started with some special which is pictured above. We also got the ceviche peruano which I liked. It had sea bass, aji amarillo pepper, red onion, red jalapeno, cucumber, crispy choclo (like corn nuts), sweet potato and a lime-ginger sauce.

I would get this dish again. We ordered the Tamal de Requeson y Acelgas next.

These corn tamales were steamed in corn husks and served with fresh ricotta cheese, swiss chard, thick cream and a roasted tomatillo sauce. I love tamales so they were consumed quite quickly. The last item we had was basically three fish tacos. With the fresh cilantro on top, they were fresh and tasty.

After eating, we walked upstairs to check out the space they had. There was a really cool lounge feel to one of the areas. There was also a great space for a dinner with friends upstairs. Perhaps I have found my birthday dinner location!

Cielito Taqueria

22 Feb

It is an unbelievably gorgeous day in Santa Barbara today, so we decided to go to a lunch spot where we could dine al fresco. We ended up trying Cielito Taqueria, the newest spot in La Arcada. I got two tacos, the crispy chicken taco and the shrimp taco. They were able to tell me that the corn tortilla for the chicken taco was fried in oil that was not contaminated by anything else.

I thought both of these were really good. Everything tasted really fresh. We also got a side of chips and salsa. My only complaint was that the salsa was served in little to go containers which made it hard to scoop out of. I also hope that the boxes and taco holders are compostable or recycled because it seemed like there was a whole lot of packaging used. We sat outside right by the fountain which was full of turtles that entertained us by playing their version of king of the hill. We will definitely return next time we are craving some Mexican food downtown!