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Bibi Ji

23 Sep

IMG_0862.jpgLast night, my husband and I decided to try a new restaurant before heading to the Santa Barbara Bowl to see The National. We ended up at Bibi Ji, the creative Indian restaurant that opened earlier this year. Now, we LOVE Indian food. We have a weekly tradition of getting takeout from Flavor of India. But this isn’t your run of the mill Indian restaurant. The presentation and flavors of the food definitely exceeded our expectations. We sat outside on their back patio since it was a perfect Santa Barbara night. When speaking with our server, he knew what Celiac Disease was, and gave me guidance on what I could and could not have. We started with the Paneer Tikka Sliders. These “sliders” were more of a fork and knife dish. They had a surprising heat to them which was much appreciated since we love spicy food. All of the curries are gluten-free, so we decided to order two of those along with a side of basmati rice. We got the butter chicken which our waiter had mentioned was their top seller. We also ordered the coconut curry with vegetables.

IMG_0868.jpgAlthough I enjoyed the butter chicken and the tikka masala sauce it came in, I preferred the coconut curry flavor. I had some papadum on the side so that I could scoop up all of the extra sauce. IMG_0863.jpgBecause they are very clear on the menu about being unable to accommodate sesame allergies, we won’t have this restaurant in our usual rotation as my daughter is severely allergic to sesame and nuts. However, it will definitely be a top pick for date nights.

Flavor of India

1 Sep

We were in the mood for Indian food, so we decided to try Flavor or India. I started with a salad that came with raita dressing. We then shared a few dishes. The first was the Benghan Bharta.

This eggplant was cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh spices. I asked for it spicy which added a lot of heat to the dish. We also split the Saag Paneer.

This was fresh spinach cooked with homemade cheese and seasoned with aromatic herbs. To diffuse the spiciness, we also ordered the Pilao Rice.

This basmati rice was mixed with peas and seasoned with turmeric. I found it easy to dine here. Our waiter was familiar with what I could and could not have.