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Brophy Brothers

26 May

IMG_4423.jpgThere may not be a restaurant in Santa Barbara loved by both locals and tourists alike as much as Brophy Brothers. With views of the harbor and mountains, it is a great spot to grab a drink and some seafood. There was a group of 5 of us and it was a beautiful day, so we knew there would be a little bit of a wait. We were told 35 minutes, but it ended up being a little over an hour. When we were finally seated and I had a chance to check out the menu, I noticed they had gluten-free buns. After talking to our waitress about cross contamination with the bun, I ordered the tuna melt. It had a heaping amount of tuna with melted, gooey cheese. It typically comes with fries, but they are made in a contaminated fryer. I turned down salad as a side since I figured the tuna melt would be plenty of food, which it was.

Brophy Brothers

6 Mar

With no clouds in sight, it was the perfect day to have lunch with a friend at Brophy Brothers. When I was explaining what my restrictions were, the waitress informed me that she too was gluten intolerant! I ended up getting the Cold Combo.

It came with two clams, two oysters, ceviche, crab meat and eight peel-and-eat shrimp. It was the perfect portion for lunch. This is one of my favorite spots in Santa Barbara since the fish is fresh and you have spectacular views of the coastline while you eat!

As a reminder, if you have nothing to do this Thursday, stop by our local Whole Foods Market to learn about some alternative gluten-free grains AND to find out the right questions to ask when you are eating out! I will be there 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM!