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Lazy Acres Sandwich

29 Jun

It was one of those perfect Santa Barbara days where the weather is practically begging you to have a picnic. We went to Lazy Acres to get some sandwiches, cheese and crackers and made our way to Shoreline Park. I ordered their turkey sandwich on the GF multigrain bread. I LOVE that they now have an option for us GF people that are craving a sandwich on the Mesa. However, my bread crumbled to pieces as I ate it. Hopefully with time, they will find a bread that stays together long enough to enjoy the whole thing!

Lunch on State Street

1 Dec

Yesterday, we went to Natural Cafe on State Street for lunch. Pictured above is the Natural Caesar Salad without croutons. Big chunks of avocado and fresh tomatoes make this a very tasty salad. I still think that a place that focuses on natural food should be a bit more educated on what is and isn’t GF on their menu. For example, when asking about some chips they serve, the cashier had no idea what the ingredients were. If they were able to mark on their menu whether each item is GF or can be prepared GF, it would become one of my favorite lunch places. Conveniently next door, is the Good Life Market.

This small market has a nice variety of gluten-free items for purchase. If you live in the downtown area, it is the perfect place to pick up some GF pasta or snacks. I picked up the Annie’s Deluxe Cheesy Mac and Cheese.

Lazy Acres

18 Sep

Don’t get me wrong. I love Lazy Acres. They have such a great selection of GF products. Also, since returning to Santa Barbara, I have discovered through a GF friend of mine that they now have pizzas in their prepared foods display. BUT, for a place that is so accommodating to people on special diets, I find it disappointing they don’t have gluten-free bread or wraps available as an option at their sandwich counter. They even sell a variety of suitable breads in the store! Perhaps if I call them numerous times from different phone numbers asking about gluten-free sandwiches, they will consider it. (I know I sound crazy, but this has proven to be an effective technique before!)