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Pacific Crepes

16 May

Don’t get too excited…. gluten-free crepes are not accessible for us yet in Santa Barbara. However, if you want to make someone in your life very happy, go to Pacific Crepes. They can have one of the very delicious looking crepes on the menu, and you can have one of their tasty salads or their French onion soup without the bread. I ordered the Celtic salad which comes with artichoke hearts, tomato, goat cheese, potatoes and prosciutto. Make sure you are very clear that you can not have bread as they typically put it on the side of the salad.

Le Crepe Shoppe

17 Oct

I finally gave Le Crepe Shoppe a call since I was very excited to hear that they have buckwheat crepes (GF). It turns out that they do have buckwheat crepes, but they make them on the same surface as the wheat flour crepes, and therefore they are not entirely GF. So if you eat GF just to be healthier, go try them out, but if you are a celiac like me, we will just have to drool from afar.