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Dinner from Whole Foods

30 Oct

I have a bit of a cold and didn’t want to go out to eat so we decided to get food from Whole Foods for dinner. In one of the prepared food cases, I spotted a Take and Bake GF Pepperoni Calzone. After baking for 15 minutes, I had a little calzone of tastiness! It had tons of pepperoni in it, and was the perfect portion for dinner for one.

While I was there, I checked to see if they had the Whole Foods brand frozen GF pizza crusts. They have always been our favorite to use for pizza night since it is a thicker crust and holds well with a lot of toppings. Unfortunately, they don’t. When I asked if they could order them, I was told that I would have to buy the whole case of them. I would have thought that they would want to stock the shelves with their own brand. Oh well. I guess it is a good thing that there are so many GF pizza options in Santa Barbara these days!