27 Aug

Carrot SoupOne of my favorite lunches while in Iceland was at Nauthóll. Located five minutes from downtown Reykjavik, they were very accommodating once we showed them the GF travel card. I started with the carrot, coconut milk and ginger soup. In the soup, there was greek yogurt, roasted pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. It was an interesting mix of ingredients, but it was delicious nonetheless. After the soup, I had the Sweet Potato and Red Beet Salad.

Sweet Potato and Red Beet SaladThis salad was so good. It had spiced red beets, melon, grilled sweet potatoes, goat cheese, caramelized nuts and chicken. I couldn’t manage to finish it since it was huge, but I was thinking about this meal days later. If you have any gluten eaters with you, make sure they order the grilled garlic bread as it got rave reviews.

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