Ca Dario Pizzeria

25 Dec

Sunday night we decided to try Ca Dario Pizzeria since I was very excited to see that they were offering gluten-free pizza (for an additional charge of $4). After asking a few questions to make sure that the pizza would be on a uncontaminated surface, it was clear that they did not understand what it meant to be gluten-free. I was even told that one of their gluten-free employees “never gets sick from it”, even though it is placed on the same surface as the normal pizza and cut with the same pizza cutter. I try to avoid focusing on the bad experiences I have because I always thought that there isn’t much good that can come from it. But, in my opinion, if a restaurant offers gluten-free products, they should be responsible for taking that seriously. I wouldn’t care if places would charge $10 extra for gluten-free pizza… as long as with that price comes the responsibility and education to maintain its gluten-free status. It was disheartening that a prominent restaurant in the area was poorly educated on this. I am hopeful that with the new year, we will see local restaurants taking more of a proactive approach to their menus and to the education of their staff.

On a lighter note, if you are celebrating the holiday today, have a very Merry Christmas!

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