Thanksgiving 2012

28 Nov

I hope everyone had a great holiday full of family, friends and GF food! This year, I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my family in New Jersey. To start our meal, we munched on some shishito peppers. There was gluten-free cornbread and cheddar biscuits on the table as well.

One of the best things about being home for Thanksgiving is that my mom labels everything to ensure we know which items are gluten-free or vegetarian for those who have dietary needs. Each dish also had its own serving spoon as to avoid cross contamination.

There was really tasty gluten-free stuffing. My mom used Udi’s bread to make it.

The stuffing turned out great. I also was a huge fan of the brussel sprouts that we had. They were really simple, but really delicious.

The whole meal was a success.

Miraculously, I had enough room for some dessert which was a good thing. We had GF apple and pumpkin pie!

I had a lot to be thankful for this year…. including YOU! So thank you, for reading glutenfreeinsb, and for coming out to the Gluten-Free Santa Barbara meetups so that we may continue to grow this gluten-free community!


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