Dinner at Hotel Monasterio in Cuzco, Peru

16 Aug

For one of our nights in Cuzco, we decided to stay at Hotel Monasterio and have dinner at their El Tupay restaurant. I am so glad that we did! As they served the regular bread, they gave my brother and I a slab of GF bread that was good. I started with the grilled shrimp.

This was served with a yellow chili salad, roasted pepper, quinoa and a citrus foam. It was nice and light. For my main, I had the creamy corn.

It was prepared with herbs, grilled veggies, sprouts and smoked oil. I loved this as corn is one of my favorite vegetables. It almost reminded me of mac and cheese in a strange way!

One Response to “Dinner at Hotel Monasterio in Cuzco, Peru”

  1. rachelynne August 16, 2012 at 6:49 am #

    O my gosh. That looks so good!! Can’t wait to follow your blog. I love finding out about places to get gluten free food (as I am gluten-free myself), even if it’s in Peru. I guess that means I’ll just have to visit!

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