Tap Thai

2 May

Happy Celiac Awareness Month! Last night, we went to Tap Thai Restaurant. When I ordered a Thai Iced Tea, it came in a large mason jar. There is something about drinking something out of a mason jar that just makes it that much more enjoyable. I started with the Summer Roll.

This had tofu, carrot and green leaves in a rice paper wrap. It was served with a great peanut sauce. Our waitress (who was able to give me the ingredients of the peanut sauce since she made it), had them not fry the tofu. Typically it is done in oil with non-GF things. I then had the Pad Thai with shrimp.

I asked for this to be made spicy but I didn’t really taste any heat in it. Overall, we liked our meal here but it seems like they might need at least one more server. There was one girl running the show and it was just a bit crazy for only one person handling all the tables, to-go orders and apparently making the tasty peanut sauce.

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