Velvet Cactus

5 Apr

Mexican food is typically easy for those on a GF diet, so we tried out Velvet Cactus while we were in New Orleans. This restaurant had a really appealing ambiance with cool artwork all over the place. Lo and behold, they had a written GF menu on the wall near their kitchen! Unfortunately, their chips are fried in contaminated oil so those were off limits. My celiac brother and I shared the Island Jerk Skewers to start.

There were incredibly tender and served with a honey lime sour cream that was quite good. For my main dish, I ordered the shrimp burrito “naked style”. This basically meant I got the fillings of a burrito in a bowl.

It consisted of grilled shrimp, pico de gallo, roasted corn, black beans, green onion, cabbage and rice. I ordered some corn tortillas on the side so that I could make tacos out of the dish. This was both filling and tasty.

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